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Herbs to Support Your Back & How It Affects Your Mental Health

herbs to support your back and spine

Herbs to Support Your Back & Spine

As I immerse myself in a transformative two-week Himalayan Kriya Yoga training, my focus has been drawn to the spine and the profound benefits it brings to the mind, body, and soul. This journey has reminded me of one of my favorite herbs to support your back and spine and the musculoskeletal system: Solomon’s Seal. This powerful herb sends nutrients to the synovial fluid in the spine, promoting not only spinal health but also mental well-being.

Interestingly, the Solomon’s Seal plant resembles a spine, with roots that look like knuckle joints. We use its root for medicinal purposes. A few years ago, I created a kundalini tincture with Solomon’s Seal to support spinal health. The herb’s unique intelligence allows it to either tighten or loosen as needed, restoring the necessary tension in ligaments and joints. Solomon’s Seal is highly effective when applied externally to areas like the back, neck, knees, elbows, and finger and toe joints.

Here are the ways the spine can affect your mental health:

Spinal Alignment and Brain Function:

  • Misalignment can lead to brain fog and difficulty concentrating.
  • Proper alignment promotes better communication between the brain and body.

Nerve Function:

  • Spinal issues can compress nerves, leading to pain and discomfort, which can affect mental well-being.
  • Healthy nerve function supports overall mental clarity and emotional stability.

Hormonal Balance:

  • The spine is connected to adrenal glands, influencing stress hormone production.
  • Proper spinal health ensures balanced hormone levels, reducing anxiety and depression.

Sleep Quality:

  • Spinal health affects the sleep/wake cycle by influencing comfort and pain levels.
  • Better spinal health can improve sleep quality, leading to better mental health.

Pain and Mood:

  • Chronic back pain can lead to irritability, depression, and anxiety.
  • Reducing spinal pain can enhance mood and emotional well-being.

Physical Activity:

  • A healthy spine enables more physical activity, which is crucial for mental health.
  • Regular exercise boosts endorphins and reduces stress and anxiety.

Autonomic Nervous System:

  • The spine influences the autonomic nervous system, which controls stress responses.
  • A well-aligned spine helps maintain a balanced autonomic response, reducing chronic stress.

Circulation and Oxygenation:

  • Proper spinal alignment improves blood flow and oxygenation to the brain.
  • Enhanced circulation supports cognitive function and emotional stability.

You can enhance your blend with other herbs to target specific body areas based on your symptoms. For instance, if you want to support heart health or the pain is more in the upper back, pair Solomon’s Seal with hawthorn berry. If there is inflammation in the joints, add turmeric to the blend. I recommend applying Solomon’s Seal at the base of your spine, the nape of your neck, or any area where you feel tension or pain.

If Solomon’s Seal resonates with you, I have a link to purchase genuine Solomon’s Seal, as there is also a “false Solomon’s Seal” root. Mountain Rose Herbs offers the true variety. While Solomon’s Seal can also be taken internally, I advise doing so with the guidance of a herbalist and taking the recommended dosage. Internally, it can help dislodge mucus, soothe a dry cough, and soothe the digestive system.

For now, I will return to my spinal rotations with Kriya Yoga and reconnect with you next week in another blog post!

If you would like a personalized herbal and nutritional protocol, book a Zoom session here. I will follow up with available times via email.

For quality Solomon’s Seal, find it here at Mountain Rose Herbs.




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